*SALE* StarKids Apocalyptour (Live Concert Album)

Thanks to the no-longer-so-powerful Mayan deity Ma'au Gurit, the world didn’t actually end on StarKid’s Apocalyptour. Which means that if you missed the totally awesome performance, you can still get the full concert experience with the brand-spankin’ new Live Concert Album. The 22-track CD features the entire Apocalyptour set list with songs from all your favorite parody musicals and shows that are exactly like the Little Mermaid, but in space. Now that’s an album worth $15 (plus tax and fees)!

Disc 1

  1. Me and My/Ready To Go
  2. This is Where the Trolley Ends
  3. Get Back Up
  4. Guys Like Potter
  5. The Way I Do
  6. Different As Can Be
  7. Rogues Medley
  8. Team FartKid
  9. Listen to Your Heart
  10. Dialogue Worth $35
  11. Little White Lie Medley

Disc 2

  1. Missing You
  2. Sami/Harry
  3. Granger Danger
  4. Dark, Sad, Lonely Knight
  5. Not Alone
  6. This Really Sucks For Me
  7. Going Back to Heaven During Those Days of Hogwarts On Earth
  8. To Dance Again
  9. The Coolest Girl
  10. The Sexiest Band in North America
  11. Super Friends

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