The Joe Moses Showses DVD

Joe Moses Showses Tour DVD ships worldwide on a region-free DVD & digital download. The purchase of the DVD comes with a free Digital Download

The side-splitting JoMoShow tour is finally available on DVD. This is an all-new show created especially for the tour. Guest starring Curt Mega (Glee) and Tessa Netting (Billy Elliot)… get ready for the sharpest, silliest, most outrageous JoMoShow ever.

This feature-length presentation includes

  • -The full performance of The Joe Moses Showses touring production
  • -Never before seen behind the scenes footage
  • -Exclusive new interviews with:
    • - Curt Mega
    • - Tessa Netting
    • - Joey Richter
    • - Brian Rosenthal

All presale purchasers will receive a free digital download link with their purchase of the DVD! The link will be mailed Friday, November 29th

This “action-packed variety comedy show is sure to please audiences of all ages.” -Angela Frissore The Boston Examiner

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